Why Do All Nurses Have Big Tits?

Why Do All Nurses Have Big Tits?

What is it about big-titted nurses? Here at The SCORE Group, we've featured more busty nurses in our magazines and websites than any other profession, two recent examples being Renee Ross and Michelle May. We asked Renee about that, and she said, "We're more open about our bodies because we see naked bodies all day. It's not a big deal for us. There's no shame involved with the naked human body. And, of course, I think there are a lot of big-boobed nurses out there, too!"

In this photo set, Arianna Sinn-who is not a nurse in real-life-plays out the busty nurse fantasy, but not in the usual way. We didn't dress Arianna in a porno nurse's outfit. No. We put her in traditional nurse garb, knowing that it couldn't possibly hide her body. Before long, her uniform comes off, anyway, and Arianna is plugging her shaved pussy with a red, chrome dildo, something you won't find in many hospital rooms.

Busty nurses? You'll them in many hospital rooms. Hey, there's gotta be one good thing about getting sick, right?
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1 year ago 

If I ever met a nurse like that, I would never leave the hospital, she is georgeous.

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