Arianna's Dressed For Sex, And You're In Control

Arianna's Dressed For Sex, And You're In Control

Now that you've seen Arianna sucking and fucking a real cock, you're probably wondering, "What will she do for an encore?" Well, we can tell you that there'll be more hardcore Arianna very soon on But now, for something completely different, here's Arianna's most unusual, most shocking pictorial yet. She's wearing hot-pink fishnet pantyhose, a waist cincher and fuck-me pumps and has black duct tape criss-crossing her nipples. But that's only part of what makes these photos (and the matching video) special.

She's wearing a dog collar.

She's completely submissive.

And she's doing some very edgy stuff, like drinking milk from a dog bowl.

"This is our secret," she says. "Can I feel pleasure? Please, master! Will you allow me to feel pleasure, master? Please?"

We say let her. But it's your call.
Featuring: Arianna Sinn
Date: April 25th, 2024
Photos: 69

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